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'Collective Hitler'





"If you want to shine like sun first you have to burn like it."

~ Adolf Hitler
dictator of Nazi-rules Germany from 1933 till the end of World War II




Kurt Vonnegut advice

The only difference between Hitler and Bush is that Hitler was elected.





'Collective Hitler' is a group of top-politicians who might be kind individually but together become spiritually-devolutionized and cruel.

As a 'Collective Hitler' they support nazi, unite against anti-nazi activists, demolish monuments devoted to heroes of anti-nazi wars, and become sanction-addict.

Ukraine neo-nazis swastika


Small Hitler

'Small Hitler' is a group of smaller member-states of the 'Collective Hitler' characterized by a louder nationalistic rhetoric.




'Collective Hitler' are not citizens, they are governments that don't care about the opinion of their citizens.



Devolution joke Spiritual devolution from a human being to a politician Boris Jhonson hanging  

"I don't care about the opinion of my electorate, I care about my promise to Ukraine."

~ a quote from the speech by Annalena Baerbock,
German Foreign Minister
at the "Forum 2000"





What Nazi Governments Do

Some 'Collective Hitler' countries, especially 'Small Hitler' states, discriminate  – officially! – against people based on their nationality.



Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland drunk, World Intelligence News


Rulers of No Sorrow

'For with much wisdom comes much sorrow,'
said Ecclesiastes.

'All citizens of Russia should suffer from our sanctions,' said Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland.

Apparently, this new breed of rulers
has no idea what sorrow is."

~ World Intelligence News




Mark Twain advice quotes

It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.

Mark Twain



Inhuman Tactics Used by 'Collective Hitler'

"Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas, including in schools and hospitals."

~ Amnesty International

  Ukraine civil war civilians killed, Collective Hitler, terrorism



We may say 'This is terrible!',
but it's is business-as-usual for 'Collective Hitler'.





'Collective Goebbels' is a powerful ally of 'Collective Hitler'









Major Mega-Terrorist Attacs Belgrade bombing by NATO

NATO was formed after World War II.

In 1999 NATO led by United States and the Britain bombed Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, including the Embassy of China.




The Alley of Angels

Over 500 children were killed in Eastern Ukraine during 2014-2021 by Western Ukrainian nazis equipped and trained by NATO countries.

The endless genocide-like terrorist attacks by Ukrainian nazi resulted in World War III.

The Alley of Angels - memorial statue for children killed in Ukraine, Donetsk brother and sister
Ainhoa ​​Ruiz, Peace Ambassador, Spain

NATO is an organization that generates tension and leaves devastated every country through which it passes.

Ainhoa ​​Ruiz





Information Terrorism

World War III

RU Gita 2022

'Collective Hitler' and 'Collective Goebbels'

Truth Bombs

Never Let a Comedian to Rule Your Country