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The Golden Rule





Treat others as you want to be treated.





The Golden Rule is often described as 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.

The Golden Rule is a reciprocity law that guides people to choose for others what they would choose for themselves. This is best achieved by putting yourself in your prospect's shoes.

Life Management

  How the Golden Rule works example



What Happens To Violators of the Golden Rule




World's major terroristic acts: New York twin towers Al Qaeda USA  

Serial-Violation Example

① USA nurtured Al-Qaeda terroristic organization in Afghanistan hoping that Al-Qaeda would organize terrorist attacks against Soviet Union.

Al-Qaeda decided to target U.S. instead. Their 'September 11' terrorist attack was the largest one.




② USA declared war on terrorism and started a 20-years long military operation in Afghanistan in 2001. The total cost of the military operation was over US$ 2.3 trillion.

In 2021, Afghan Taliban fighters defeated U.S. army. Invincible in Hollywood movies but humiliated in a real-life war against though guys, U.S. army flew back home in a hurry and left its entire arsenal of weapons to the victors in Afghanistan.





③ Having failed on the battle field, USA resorted to financial terrorism and hijacked the funds (US$7 billion) of this least developed country kept in U.S. banks.

As a result, U.S. financial institution lost trust of the international community. The role of US$ as the World's main reserve currency started to diminish.




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