Winning Habits and Guiding Principles


Great innovators find new treasures and take as much as they want.

Others follow and compete for whatever is left.


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Rapid Idea Evaluation and Experimentation

The ability to evaluate innovative ideas and make strategic decisions quickly is a vital habit of a successful opportunistic entrepreneur.

Innovation is about taking risk and learning from failure and market feedback. Rapid experimentation helps to move forward innovative projects in which the vision of where to go or the process of getting there is blurry.

Google’s 'launch early and often' strategy helped the company develop the Internet’s number one search engine very fast. Beta testing and market learning is the reason for Google’s remarkable success. They launch less than perfect services into the market place to get market feedback. Feedback is the answer to dominating a market


Great Innovator

Be Different and Make a Difference!


Innovation Is Love

10 Commandments of Innovation

Leading Innovation

Innovation: One Way Many Paths

Innovation Management

Love What You Do and Love Your Customers

Innovation is Love. Dream big dreams, commit to you true passion, and you will learn to fly! If you love what you do, there are no difficult tasks, only interesting ones.

Love your customers. Love breeds Love. If you love your customers, they will love you back. “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better,” reveals his main secret of success Jeff Bezos, Founder of More

Be Different and Make a Difference!

The secret of winning in life and business lies in seeing things differently – in their different shades and outcomes. It was by taking a different view of a traditional business that major innovations were achieved.

"Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.," advised Malcolm Muggeridge.

Challenge assumptions and the status quo. To find a better creative solution to the current practice, force yourself to reframe the problem, to break down its components and assemble them in a different way. Yet, being different for different’s sake is not enough. There must be real passion in your project and it should be true to your vision... More'


Create a Guiding Structure

Experimentation and improvisation without a guiding structure is too chaotic to be greatly successful. Structure-building documents such as business plans and roadmaps provide an innovator with a frame of reference and strategic alignment... More


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