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Best Empathy quotes If you want to understand someone free yourself from your ego and become him Vadim Kotelnikov Dennis Вадим Котельников Денис

Best Leadership quotes Vadim Kotelnikov Leadership is not about shining, it is about helping others shine.



Learn flexibility from water ‒ if a concrete wall blocks your way, don't fight it, flow around it.


Education brings knowledge. Applying knowledge brings wisdom. Silencing knowledge brings enlightenment >>>


If you want to get wiser, close your eyes, quiet your mind and open your heart. >>>


Learn to unlearn ‒ nothing makes you blinder than a point of view. If you want to make discoveries, open your mind and look at things with new eyes.


If clouds darkened the light path, rise above the clouds. Ask the Universe for guidance and take time to listen to the response. >>>


Give your subconscious mind “what” and “why”, and it will come back with “how” after a while, usually when you wake up from a sleep.


Leadership is not about shining, it is about helping others shine.  >>>


Giving is getting. If you want to grow as a leader, be a HOSTer ‒ help others succeed and thrive.


If you want your message to hit the target, make adjustment to the wind.  >>>


If you really want to understand someone, free yourself from your ego and become the person you want to understand.  >>>




Best Listening quotes Vadim Kotelnikov Listen to discover yourself, your way

Learn to unlearn to make discoveries Vadim KOtelnikov quotes





Best Communication quotes If you want your message to hit the target make adjustment to the wind Vadim Kotelnikov




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