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Om Mani Padme Hum

Buddha Mantra of Love and Compassion

Shakyamuni Buddha himself said about this mantra, "This is the most beneficial mantra. Even I made this aspiration to all the million Buddhas and subsequently received this teaching from Buddha Amitabha."


OM: mystical sound, sacred and important in various Dharmic religions
Mani: jewel  or bead
Padma: Lotus, the Buddhist Sacred Flower
Hum: Indivisibility


Dalai Lama the 14th on the meaning of Om Mani Padme Hum

"It is very good to recite the mantra Om mani padme hum, but while you are doing it, you should be thinking on its meaning, for the meaning of the six syllables is great and vast..."

"The first, Om symbolizes the practitioner's impure body, speech, and mind; it also symbolizes the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha"

"The path is indicated by the next four syllables. Mani, meaning jewel, symbolizes the factors of method: an altruistic intention to become enlightened, compassion, and love."

"The two syllables, padme, meaning lotus, symbolize wisdom."

"Purity must be achieved by an indivisible unity of method and wisdom, symbolized by the final syllable hum, which indicates indivisibility."

"Thus the six syllables, om mani padme hum, mean that in dependence on the practice of a path which is an indivisible union of method and wisdom, you can transform your impure body, speech, and mind into the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha"



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